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VMs: Libro del tesoro

Dear all,

a medieval book, falsely attributed to Alfonso el
Sabio, contains a poem, of which the last section
is in cipher. I have never seen a copy of it,
but it is at least of potential interest.
Following are two references which might be 
available to a Spanish list member, or one near
a sufficiently equipped library.
The plain text of the main body of the text is
available on the internet in several places.

Anybody interested in checking it out?
(Note: n+tilde transcribed as ny)

Cinco tratados espanyoles de alquimia 
ed. Juan Eslana Galan; Madrid; Tecnos; 1987
Reproduz <<Libro del Tesoro>> (pp.60-86) 

Libro del Tesoro, falsamente atribuido a Alfonso
el Sabio: una nueva copia encontrada en la 
Biblioteca del Palacio de Madrid / Jose Augusto
Sanchez Perez. In: Revista de Filologia
Espanyola - N. 19 (1932) pp. 158-180

Cheers, Rene

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