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VMs: Re:VMS Labels

--- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now this isn't going to be ease.
> I would like some labels from the VMS. Also I would
> like guesses as to what
> the words would be in Italian relevant by
> Illustration or section. The more
> the better. I either want to prove my theory or blow
> it completely out of
> the water. Either it is right or I am wasting my
> time.

Hello Jeff.
Happy New Year to you and all who may be reading

Now about that last point, I have told you my
opinion before, though I would never say you are
wasting your time. (And even if you were, who
would I be to complain about that, for so have I :-/ )

Just a few relatively fundamental points.

Many people discard Strong's proposed solution of
the VMs, even from one consideration only: the
repetitive words found in the VMs 'just appear'
without explanation, from different words in the
plain text, and with PT word word breaks occurring
any point inside these VMs words. As far as I
can tell, your proposed scheme suffers from the
same problem.

I get the impression that you are using a large
set of tables in order to translate a very short
section of text. You can hardly fail to be aware
that with large enough tables you can translate
anything into anything. You are the one who knows
all the details, so you must ask this question
to yourself.

All the best,

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