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Re: VMs: Introduction

	Welcome, Ted, Gypsy, and Jonathan!  We're glad to have

Ted Young wrote:
> I have spent a lot of time working from Stolfi's website[1], and the many
> sites linked from his page.  I have also been to the The European Voynich
> Manuscript Transcription Project homepage where I got a copy of the Eva font
> and the latest Interlinear file (though it seems that Stolfi's version has a
> lot more in it, please correct me if I am wrong).  Are their any other
> resources I should be reading to get myself caught up with the latest
> advances in this field?

	If you need more introductory material, as well as
advanced material, 
visit Rene's excellent site, and take the Long Tour. 
Rene has the best historical research on the VMs.


	From my site you can find images of the whole VMs:


	Mark Perakh's studies using Letter Series Correlation
are classic:


	Gabriel Landini's study using Spectral Analysis is
also classic:


	Vowel identifications:


	We look forward to hearing from you.

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