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VMs: Introduction

Hail the list!

As I am both new to this list and to the study of the VMs, I would like to
introduce myself.  My name is Ted Young.  I live in (very) upstate NY.  I
have been in the Computer Science field for over 8 years now.  I have a
strong background in various computer languages, technologies and platforms.
Also, I have studied linguistics off and on since fourth grade, when I
learned my first language (after English of course); Ancient Egyptian.

Unfortunately, the first time I crossed paths with the VMs was only last
week, when I stumbled across an article about Gordon Rugg's work with a
Cardan Grille.  I did a little research into the VMs and immediately became
enraptured by its mystery and charm.  Over the last ten days, I have been
scouring the internet reading every article I can find on the subject.  When
I found this E-List, I decided to give it a try.  I was very happy to find
it still, seemingly, active.

I can honestly say that I will not be the one that figures out the secret to
decoding the VMs, but I would love to contribute what I can and will really
enjoy the ride.

I have spent a lot of time working from Stolfi's website[1], and the many
sites linked from his page.  I have also been to the The European Voynich
Manuscript Transcription Project homepage where I got a copy of the Eva font
and the latest Interlinear file (though it seems that Stolfi's version has a
lot more in it, please correct me if I am wrong).  Are their any other
resources I should be reading to get myself caught up with the latest
advances in this field?

Thank you.

Ted Young

[1] http://www.dcc.unicamp.br/~stolfi/voynich/

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