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VMs: VMS Labels

Now this isn't going to be ease.

I would like some labels from the VMS. Also I would like guesses as to what
the words would be in Italian relevant by Illustration or section. The more
the better. I either want to prove my theory or blow it completely out of
the water. Either it is right or I am wasting my time.

I have however learnt an awful lot about the structure of the VMS that I
wouldn't have if I had merely been running computer programs to do all the
work. So it hasn't all been wasted.

So now is crunch time. If I can plot substitutions for labels then I can
attempt to fill in the gaps. There are lots of them as a majority of the
triplets occur less than 10 times.

So if anyone with any ideas can post them I will try to follow them up. I
really don't know what I am letting myself in for here but what the hell.


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