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VMs: Stolfi's vowel positions against my guesses

If I assume that this table is in the right order then:

f(c) p (c) cFh(c) cPh (c)
o(v) q (v) x      v
r(v) ir    iir    iiir
y(v) s (v) b      u
e(c) ee    ch (c) sh  (c)
l(v) il    iil    iiil
k(c) t (c) cKh(c) cTh (c)
d(v) a (v) j  (v) g
m(v) im    iim    iiim
n(v) in    iin    iiin

This plots Stolfi's vowel and consonant placings. Note
The tendency of vowels to drift to the end of words in
this scheme. My current Triplet substitutions are in
this line.


Here are more lines with my current substitutions.


The .n at the end of the first line is either wrong or
the plaintext word wraps to the end of the next line.
If this is a paragrah end and I haven't checked then it
is most definately wrong.

The colons represent unknown (unguessed) letters or gaps
in Stolfi's table.

This assumes two things. 1. That a cipher word can contain
more than one plain text word. 2. That plain text words
may span cipher words. Although this last point is
uncertain as I need an Italian reader to judge.

Any volunteers?

Of course my guesses at vowel and consonant substitutions
are limited by my lack of Italian. But as you can see the
vowel and consonant placements look fairly reasonable.


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