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VMs: 10000 Triplets??

I have realised that I again may be confusing people and need to clarify a
point. The plain text triplets I added to my table were for checking
purposes only. Each EVA triplet matches with only one latin alphabet

Take the plain text 'one.' If the EVA triplet CHO mapped to latin e and also
to say i then there would be ambiguity. So having deciphered the plain text
patterns 'on' and 'an'  and having cho as the next cipher triplet it would
be necessary to have a reference list. Plaintext triplets 'one' and 'ani'
would be listed against cho in the deciphering table.

I do not believe that the table for the VMS needed these at all as each
triplet pairs with one and only one plaintext letter.

Lets take as an example a piece of the text I posted.


The entry for lol is

poi - 2 lol

So here lol stands for the plaintext letter i. NOT a substitution for poi.
lol could also stand for 'sti', 'ali' or any other triplet ending in i. Note
these entries.

zio - 4 cho
avo - 3 cho
reo - 2 cho
nso - 1 cho
suo - 1 cho
udo - 1 cho

Although each entry lines up against cho the important factor is that each
plaintext triplet ends in o. To make the point of the table with plaintext
reference I did include some ciphertext triplets that could map to different
latin letters. So the choices made by anyone attempting decipherment may
have been wrong because they were the first occurance found in a search of
the table.

A better way of ordering the table would have been:-

l - aii
i - dyo
n - hok
o - cho
o - cho
e - pch
l - dai
l - chy
e - dyk
e - dyt
e - yai

Where the explicit plaintext letter substitution is used. If anyone wishes
to reorganise their tables in this manner then the decipherment would become
much simpler as it would only be necessary to write the letter in the left
column as the next plaintext substitution.

Again apologies for the confusion.


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