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Plant Identification -- Was: VMs: Introduction

Hi Gypsy,

Here are some links on what people have come up with so far --

Here is a link to a thread posted to this e-list regarding the same subject.
You can check out the attached word document containing the author's


Here is a very recent page by Dan Gibson (April '03) that matches plants.
Nice use of comparative pictures.


Note that this same author is demonstrating similarities between the VMs and
various Middle Easter aspects.  I have not had a chance to read these
articles yet.


This list was based off of Dana Scott's work.  I thought I came across a
website about her work on the VMs but I cannot find it now.


Stolfi dispels the idea that f33v is a sunflower.


On a similar note, Stolfi tried to identify the names of the plants (in
Voynichese) by looking for words that only appeared on the one page.  He
figured that, if each of these pages were devoted to the topic of a single
plant, that plant's name would show up one or more times on that page, and
very infrequently throughout the rest of the book.  Unfortunately, he found
between 5 and 20 "unique" words on each page.  You can read his paper here:


I noticed one thing when looking at Stolfi's work.  On pages f2r[1] and
f3r[2] there look like what might be declensions of the same word.  For
instance, the first word of f2r is (EVA) kydainy.  The second paragraph then
starts with kydain.  Both of these words are unique to this page.  Could
they be different declensions of the same word, perhaps the name of the



I hope to follow the same process Stolfi did and try to identify various
declensions of various words in the VMs (on the principal of "Hey, it can't

Ted Young

on 1/3/04 8:38 PM, Gypsylittledove@xxxxxxx at Gypsylittledove@xxxxxxx wrote:

> ....hello, I am new to the list so please forgive me if I seem ignorant on
> alot of the aspects of the VM.  I am wondering ..........is it a fact that the
> manuscript is in code or could it be an unknown language?  Perhaps a dead one?
> Or alien one?  Also all the pictures of the plants.........have any been
> identified?  Thanks in advance.  ~Gypsy
> In a message dated 1/3/2004 3:41:00 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> tyoung1@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> I can honestly say that I will not be the one that figures out the secret
>> to
>> decoding the VMs, but I would love to contribute what I can and will really
>> enjoy the ride.

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