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VMs: Cardan Grille

This was recently posted to another group, and I thought it might be of interest here. I know that Cardan and Dee were associates, though they had a falling out at one point. My main point was if anyone had seen this in the context of the Voynich MS and if they found the arguments presented convincing.



There is an article on the BBC from a few days ago, stating that a cryptographer has produced text similar to that found in the Voynich manuscript, using an Elizabethan cryptographic device known as a Cardan Grille.

Basically, the "Grille" is a piece of cardboard with holes in it in places of letters, which is moved over a grid of letters (enochian tables, anyone?), to make coded words. Further to this, I have no clue as to how the thing works.

Edward Kelley has been cited as the most likely creator of the
Voynich manuscript, so the question has to be: Can anyone find a Cardan Grille to decode the Enochian calls into the English translations given along with them?

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