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VMs: Some more on the Codex Urbinate Latino 998 and Luigi Sacco.

Hi everyone,
I have been again in the BNCF in order to have a look on the "Bollettino
dell'Istituto storico e di cultura dell'Arma del genio". In this bollettino,
the one dated December 1947, fascicolo 26, it can be found the monograph of
Luigi Sacco "Un Primato Italiano: la Crittografia nei secoli XV e XVI"
mentioned by Mary E. D'Imperio at page 117 and at page 129 of her book " The
Voynich manuscript - an elegant enigma".
Some notes have to be mentioned:

1.	The Venetian cipher dated 1411 and reported as reference from "Sacco page
5, in the Mary E. D'imperio book could not 	be found in the original
bollettino dated December 1947. In fact , Sacco report at page 13 of the
bollettino a 	Venetian cipher of Michael Steno and not similar at all on
what is on D'Imperio's book.
2.	On page 14 of the bollettino there is a full page with the Codice
Urbinate dated 1440 that match exactly on what has 	been reported in
D'Imperio's book. Note that the page in the bollettino show also a
3.	On the book of Luigi Sacco " Manuale di Crittografia" 3rd edition (1947)
as already said there are at page 280 and 281 	other two pages of the Codice
Urbinate that are different from the one found in the Bollettino. Therefore
in total the 	pages of the Codice Urbinate available in Sacco's books are 3.

Now, the most important thing is that finally, after a lot of supplication,
I've got copy of all these three pages!!

I will scan this pages tomorrow, please let me know who is interested to
have copy of the 3 pages of the Codice Urbinate and the Michael Steno cipher


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Hi everyone,

Listmember David Bianchi very kindly went in to the BNCF (in Florence)
today & had a look at Luigi Sacco's "Manuale di crittografia" for me. He
found out that in the (Italian) 1936 (2nd) edition, there's no mention of
the Urbino ciphers mentioned by Mary D'Imperio, but in the (Italian) 1947
(3rd) edition, some of them do appear on pages 280-281 - and that (David
felt) they strongly resembled the Tranchedino cipher codes.

Perhaps most importantly, he notes:-

	Anyway, the only description that Sacco gives of these two pages is: "these
	two figures 18 and 19 (refer to the page 280 and 281) showed two of the 70
	cipher part of a Vatican code (URBINATE 998) and used between 1440 and
	1469". Also at page 21, Sacco refers to this two figures on page 280 and
	281, to be part of "Cifra Urbinate"....

I'm quite sure that this means that this cipher ledger is one of the 1500
Urbino Latin manuscripts retained in the Vatican Secret Library to the
present day. Its name would therefore be:-

	"Codex Urbinate Latino 998, Segr. Stato, Legaz. Urbino, ASV"

ie, "Latin manuscript #998 in the Legazione di Urbino collection of
documents, which is housed in the Segretaria di Stato collections, part of
the Archivio Segreto Vaticano". If anyone here has an ASV readers pass (not
easy to get!), the Legazione di Urbino collection is Indici 134, 1023 in
the Schedario Garampi.

Interestingly (I never knew this), one of the terms and conditions of
getting access to the ASV is that you must send a copy (or photocopy) of
every publication which refers to the ASV, so that the triennial Vatican
Secret Archives Bibliography can be kept up to date. This *should* mean
that the ASV archivists might well be able to list documents referring to
any particular manuscript.

Does the BNCF (or the British Library, for that matter) have a copy of the
latest triennial Vatican Secret Archives Bibliography? That might help us
find a facsimile of Cod Urbinate Lat 998 elsewhere... fascinating!

Thanks David! :-))))

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: ASV-related headline of the year -

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