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Re: VMs: Some more on the Codex Urbinate Latino 998 and Luigi Sacco.

Dear David,

At 18:51 06/01/2004 +0100, David Bianchi wrote:
I have been again in the BNCF in order to have a look on the "Bollettino
dell'Istituto storico e di cultura dell'Arma del genio". In this bollettino,
the one dated December 1947, fascicolo 26, it can be found the monograph of
Luigi Sacco "Un Primato Italiano: la Crittografia nei secoli XV e XVI"
mentioned by Mary E. D'Imperio at page 117 and at page 129 of her book " The
Voynich manuscript - an elegant enigma".
Now, the most important thing is that finally, after a lot of supplication,
I've got copy of all these three pages!!

I will scan this pages tomorrow, please let me know who is interested to
have copy of the 3 pages of the Codice Urbinate and the Michael Steno cipher

I'm extremely interested (of course) - thanks, David! I'll be particularly interested in seeing if I can find indications that Sacco's '4o' cipher (from Urbino) and Tristano Sforza's '4o' cipher (from Milan) might have had the same author... we shall see! :-o

If you like, I can make these scans available to everyone via the voynich.info website?

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....

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