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VMs: Has this been done already (VMS to bitmap) ?

I need some practice with VB.NET and I thought about writing a program to translate the VMS into a bitmap to see if any patterns become visible.
Make a matrix with all the words from the VMS along the Y axis and their occurence in the text along the X axis. Like this:
Tira had a little puppy. Little puppy, Little puppy, Tira had a little puppy.
Tira      10000000010000
had       01000000001000
a         00100000000100
little    00010101000010
puppy     00001010100001
Then transform this matrix into a bitmap (BMP or GIF) to see if this reveals any visually detectable structures (clusters, correlations).
Do you think this is useful execise?
Greetings, Petr