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Re: VMs: Has this been done already (VMS to bitmap) ?

--- PK#01 <pklist01@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I need some practice with VB.NET and I thought about
> writing a program to translate the VMS into a bitmap
> to see if any patterns become visible.
> Make a matrix with all the words from the VMS along
> the Y axis and their occurence in the text along the
> X axis. Like this:


You will be surprised (but shouldn't be) that 
Jim Reeds has done this in the early 90's.
He said it was very interesting.

I would say that it is particularly interesting
for the stars/recipes section, but then that's
just my opinion :-)

The tricky bit would not be to make the plot, but
to make it in such a way that afterwards one is
able to trace back which part of the plot is
where in the MS.

One thing about the VMs is that one might say
that just about anything has been done or tried
before. We don't really know, though, since of
most things there's no or little record.

Cheers, Rene

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