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Re: VMs: The Sun, The Moon and The Stars

Ah yes, the Man in the Moon. There is perhaps one somewhat interesting page of Eskimo picture writing that seems to exhibit considerable repetition of characters:
Dana Scott
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From: Ted Young
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Subject: Re: VMs: The Sun, The Moon and The Stars

I did some searching for sun goddesses.  The key point here is a female
representation of the sun and a male representation of the moon.  There are
not too many well known religions with this layout.

Perhaps the most well known sun goddess is Amaterasu from Japanese myths.
But that does not fit very well with the rest of the Vms.  I did stumble on
an interesting note about Inuit from Greenland.  Here is the story about
their sun goddess Malina:

Malina was and continues to be the sun-goddess of the Eskimo people who live
in Greenland. Malina and her brother, the moon-god Anningan, lived together.
They got into a terrible fight and Malina spread dirty, black grease all
over her brother's face. In fear, she ran as far as she could into the sky
and became the sun. Annigan chased after her and became the moon. This
eternal chase makes the sun alternate in the sky with the moon.

The above was stolen from:

When I read this, I immediately thought about the three large pictures of
the moon which all have a thick black "crescent" around the side of the
face, maybe it is grease.

Anyway, it was not until the late 1800's that the Inuit's settled on an a
standard alphabet, which was invented by a missionary.  You can see the
alphabet here at one of my favourite sites (OmniGlot):

More history about the Greenlandic writing system can be found here:

I look at some sample Greenlandic Inuit but I did not notice any immediate
similarities in language construction, but I am no expert.

So, no, I don't really think that the VMs is a book on Greenlandic Inuit

Just thinking aloud,

Ted Young

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