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VMs: Re: The Sun, The Moon and The Stars

Well, the sun personified as female and the moon as male may have something to do with long curly golden hair and black straight hair. Yes, I know it's not gender specific, but who knows what motivated the author of the VMS. I think it would be interesting to see a psychological profile report on the mysterious scribe.
Sleeping half-moon emoticon,
Dana Scott
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From: Ted Young
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 9:41 PM
Subject: VMs: The Sun, The Moon and The Stars

Wow, this manuscript really does tease you.  I decided to sit down tonight
and compare vocabulary used around pictures of the sun and the moon.  The
idea was that they would have used the words SUN and MOON repeatedly (in
what ever language it may be in).  But, as you would expect, there were no
repeating words.  Here is what I worked with in EVA using best guess

yky.dary.chkchykoly                                        f68r1
okey.okoaiin.okol.oky.oeeeo.r.ekey.okchol.cheo.o.koiin            f68r2
otchsy.ol.shy.oteo.sal.ol.keey.oteol.choky.otchoshy            f70r2

oky.okchdy.okardy.***sar.olgy                                f68r1
okeo.okor.oko.okemy.okaisy.qokool.cheo.qo*ol                    f68r2
otchody.chokchy.okol.cheol.dal.cho.keol.dolaiin.okeol.oly        f68r3

With basic review I could not find any correlations.  Of course, there are
many encryption and ciphering schemes that would hide repeated words.

Funny, huh?  One of the strangest features of this text is repetition of
words up to five times.  Yet, you cannot find repetition when you want it.

One thing to note: the sun is personified as a woman, and the moon is
personified as a man.  What religions considered the sun female and the moon
male?  Most of the mythology I can remember identifies the sun as male.

For what it is worth, I also compiled a list of the names of the stars.  At
first glance, there is nothing too spectacular here.   Though, when sorted
alphabetically, you notice that many of them have very similar names.  There
is even an instance of two stars with the same name on the same page.

I find it odd that the names of these stars are so short.  Perhaps this is
further evidence of abbreviations.  European cultures name their stars and
organized them into constellations.  Are there any cultures that used a
different identification system (maybe numbers)?

acphy        f68r3.X.7;H
chdy.oky        f68r3.X.8;H
cheorol        f68r2.S.1;H
chocphy        f68r1.S.1;H
chodar        f68r2.S.22;H
cholar        f68r2.S.11;H
cphocthy        f68r1.S.2;H
darall        f68r3.X.9;H
dcheoldy        f68r2.S.13;H
dchol        f68r2.S.5;H
dcholdal        f68r3.X.3;H
doaro        f68r3.X.1;H
dolchedy        f68r1.S.3;H
oalcheol        f68r3.X.2;H
ochory        f68r2.S.3;H
ockhy        f68r1.S.4;H
ocphy        f68r1.S.5;H
octhey        f68r1.S.6;H
octhyd        f68r3.X.10;H
odaiin        f68r2.S.2;H
odair.chol    f68r2.S.18;H
odchecthy        f68r1.S.8;H
ofcheody        f68r2.S.16;V
ofcheor        f68r1.S.9;H
oiinar        f68r1.S.10;H
okcheody        f68r2.S.12;H
okchoda        f68r3.X.11;H
okchor        f68r2.S.8;H
okeechor        f68r2.S.24;H
okeeodal        f68r1.S.12;H
okeor        f68r1.S.11;H
okoaly        f68r1.S.13;H
okodaly        f68r1.S.20;H
okolchy        f68r3.X.6;H
okoldy        f68r1.S.14;H
okos            f68r3.X.5;H
okshor        f68r1.S.15;H
olcheesey        f68r2.S.7;H
olor            f68r1.S.16;H
opocphor        f68r2.S.20;H
ordaiin        f68r1.S.17;H
otcheodar        f68r2.S.17;H
otcheody        f68r1.S.7;H
otcsey        f68r1.S.23;H
oteeeor        f68r2.S.14;H
oteool        f68r2.S.9;H
otochedy        f68r1.S.19;H
otoeeo        f68r2.S.15;R
otol            f68r1.S.21;H
otolchcthy    f68r2.S.0;H
otor            f68r1.S.22;H
otory        f68r3.X.4;H
otoshol        f68r2.S.21;H
otydm        f68r3.X.12;H
otydy        f68r1.S.24;H
otykchs        f68r1.S.25;H
otys            f68r1.S.26;H
oydchy        f68r2.S.10;H
shchy        f68r2.S.23;H
shdar        f68r2.S.4;H
todaraiily    f68r2.S.6;H
toeeodcthy    f68r1.S.27;H
ykchdy        f68r1.S.28;H
ytchody        f68r1.S.18;H
ytchody        f68r1.S.29;V

So, I really did not come up with anything.  But, I will post this to the
list in case it gives someone else an idea, or perhaps someone will see a
pattern I am missing.

Ted Young

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