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RE: VMs: Codex Urbinate Latino 998...

BTW, can anyone help to read the top lines of text on these pages (ie, who each cipher was for)?

(1) I'm not sure about at all - any ideas?

(2) looks like it is in the Tranchedino scribe's clear hand, and reads something like:-
Cum comite Franc[o] Maria
[...this can only be referring to Francesco Maria Sforza, surely? More later...]

(3) looks like it is in two hands, and reads something like:-
	Cum ser Iovaneo de canebiana. die xxv ja?? 1443 ?????????
	+ cum fratre antonio de diogio

Thanks for posting this.

My guess is

Cum m[a]g[ist]ro d[omi]no Napuleono de Vrsinis cum per[issi]mo (?) d[omi]no de Vrsinis 1440 (?) die 6 aug[usti]
et ??? xxij svper 1441 (?)

Cum Comite Franco Sforcia

Cum Ser Lodouico de Canebrana die xxv Jan[uarii] (?) 1445 ad Br (?) M (?)
et cum fratre antonio de acogio

Philip Neal

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