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VMs: Codex Urbinate Latino 998...

Hi everyone,

Thanks to David Bianchi's fine efforts, we now have good-quality scans of three pages from Codex Urbinate Latino 998 (all from Sacco), which I've posted onto GC's voynich.info site:-



BTW, can anyone help to read the top lines of text on these pages (ie, who each cipher was for)?

(1) I'm not sure about at all - any ideas?

(2) looks like it is in the Tranchedino scribe's clear hand, and reads something like:-
Cum comite Franc[o] Maria
[...this can only be referring to Francesco Maria Sforza, surely? More later...]

(3) looks like it is in two hands, and reads something like:-
	Cum ser Iovaneo de canebiana. die xxv ja?? 1443 ?????????
	+ cum fratre antonio de diogio

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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