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Re: VMs: French Website

--- CanBooks <canbooks@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dennis wrote: "He analyzed word structure and
> generally confirmed the tripartite structure
> we've all seen."
> Ok, pardon my ignorance, but can you clarify the
> "tripartite structure" comment? 

It was highlighted in the past by Stolfi, and
it is perhaps not true that this has been
seen by all on the list (but it should be 
known to all :-) ).

The relevant information can be found at:

Actually, there are two 'tripartite' structures.
The easier to understand is the older
prefix-midfix-suffix rule, which, indeed, calls
for a comparison with the three-letter roots of
Arabic. The more elaborate, and more recent
structure is core-mantle-crust, where the 
components are embedded in each other. This seems
again a bit more difficult to compare.

Note that in a very early post R.Firth looked
at the possibility or Vonichese representing the
Arabic language, but at this time, the 
tripartite structure was not yet known:


and choose Part 19.

Cheers, Rene

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