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Re: VMs: Re: Man in the Moon

osjardim@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> In medieval astrology there were two systems used to draw a chart, one 
> with the Sun in the center (Sidereal) and another with the Earth in the 
> center.

This is something quite new to me! Are you sure? Any examples?
>From what I know "heliocentric horoscopes" were invented about
three decades ago - I think by Michael Erlewine, the pioneer
of astrological computer programs in the 1970's.

Also "sidereal astrology" (ie. where signs coincide with 
constellations, taking precession into account) is a modern
invention in Europe (although it has always been used in India).
It was promoted by Cyril Fagan (1896 - 1970) in the 1950's.

Best regards,

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