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Re: VMs: Re: Man in the Moon

Hi Rafal,

Nicholas Campion, in An Introduction to the History of Astrology, 1982 Institute for the Stdy of Cycles in World Affairs, London, page 24, wrote: " The final great astronomer of Classical Greece was Hipparchus (c190-120 B.C.), who is often referred to as 'the great father of true astronomy'. Hipparchus discovered the Precession of the Equinoxes (the movement of the vernal point through the constelations), the efect of which was to promote the split between the Sidereal zodiac based on the constellations and the Tropical zodiac tied to the seasons. For many years the two zodiacs existed side by side, the Tropical zodiac becoming dominant in Europe due to the patronage of Ptolomy in the 2nd century A.D. The last known use of the Sidereal zodiac in Europe was in 6th century Byzantium (modern Istambul), then the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, since when its use has been confined to Asia, mainly to India. Hipparchus is also known as the inventor of latitude and longitude as co-ordinates for geographical measurement, without which no modern chart calculation would be possible."


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In medieval astrology there were two systems used to draw a chart,
with the Sun in the center (Sidereal) and another with the Earth in

This is something quite new to me! Are you sure? Any examples?
From what I know "heliocentric horoscopes" were invented about
three decades ago - I think by Michael Erlewine, the pioneer
of astrological computer programs in the 1970's.

Also "sidereal astrology" (ie. where signs coincide with
constellations, taking precession into account) is a modern
invention in Europe (although it has always been used in India).
It was promoted by Cyril Fagan (1896 - 1970) in the 1950's.

Best regards,


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