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Re: VMs: Re: Man in the Moon

Hi Osmar,

> Nicholas  Campion, in An Introduction to the History of Astrology, 1982
> Institute for the Stdy of Cycles in World Affairs, London, page 24,
> wrote: " The final great astronomer of Classical Greece was Hipparchus
> (c190-120 B.C.), who is often referred to as 'the great father of true
> astronomy'. Hipparchus discovered the Precession of the Equinoxes (the

This is all correct - but you said:

      In medieval astrology there were two systems used to draw
      a chart, one with the Sun in the center (Sidereal) and 
      another with the Earth in the center.

And the quotation from Campion does not mention "heliocentric
charts" (with Sun in the centre). This is something quite
different from "sidereal astrology" - which is as geocentric
as "tropical astrology". The only difference is that the signs
of the Zodiac coincide with constellations rather than
the ecliptic (ie. vernal equinox is not the beginning of Aries
but moves through Pisces and more or less now enters Aqaurius
- "peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars" 
if you remember _Hair_).

But anyway - I just wanted to point out that all European
astrology was geocentric-tropical until mid-20th c.

Best regards,

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