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Re: VMs: Re: Man in the Moon

Hello Rafal,

You said:

But anyway - I just wanted to point out that all European
astrology was geocentric-tropical until mid-20th c.

You are absolutely right. I must apologize for wrong assertion regarding use of heliocentric astrology system in Europe in middle age.

Searchig " heliocentric" using vivissimo document clustering, I found at
a paper title BABYLONIAN PLANETARY THEORY AND THE HELIOCENTRIC CONCEPT written by John N. Harris, M.A.(CMNS), where he concludes, after reasonable deep considerations:

" Given the undoubted awareness of accurate sidereal periods for the superior planets, implicit sidereal periods for the inferior planets, accurate sidereal, synodic, draconic, and anomalistic months, and varying velocity functions for the planets, sun, and moon - all readily understood in terms of a cohesive framework - it seems reasonable to conclude that the Babylonians almost certainly possessed a well-developed, fictive heliocentric planetary model by at least 250 BCE, and quite possibly much earlier. "

Best Regards

Osmar Jardim
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