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Re: VMs: Re: Man in the Moon

osjardim@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> " Given the undoubted awareness of accurate sidereal periods for the
> superior planets, implicit sidereal periods for the inferior planets,
> accurate sidereal, synodic, draconic, and anomalistic months, and
> varying velocity functions for the planets, sun, and moon - all readily
> understood in terms of a cohesive framework - it seems reasonable to
> conclude that the Babylonians almost certainly possessed a
> well-developed, fictive heliocentric planetary model by at least 250
> BCE, and quite possibly much earlier. "

	Very interesting.  

	It's well known, also, that Aristarchus of Samos in
Hellenistic  Greece (ca. 250 BCE) put forth a
heliocentric theory that ultimately inspired
Copernicus.  However, Aristarchus' idea was too much
for the Greeks of the time.  

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