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Re: VMs: Arabic

Hi Dan,

At 13:07 09/01/2004 -0700, Dan Gibson wrote:
The problem of culture, art, stylistics, language, calligraphy, and
palaeography is that you are looking at Islamic Arabic and culture, rather
than some of the other cultures that either preexisted or coexisted with the
Muslims. These other people were often considered second-class citizens, and
thus had motive for keeping their knowledge secret from the overlords that
they despised. A perfect setting for the creation of a one-off manuscript.

I'd agree that our statistics, traditions, trends, etc may indeed tell us nothing about a one-off manuscript if it's an historical outlier. However, there's lots of European-centric detail in the VMs, and not a lot of Arabic-centric detail.

So... you'd need an Arabic subclass, with a grudge, with secret information, hiding content within a European form, and with European lettering - maybe there's something there, but it's a bit thin. :-o All the same, show me a Nabataean translation, and I'll be the first in the queue to buy you a pizza - perhaps one of those nice Turkish ones with egg? :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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