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Re: VMs: Arabic

Isn't the VMS interesting. You see Europe, I see Middle East. You see
European hats, I see turbans (E.g.; F71 r & v). You see European plants and
text, I see Middle Eastern plants and text. I showed the VMS to several very
old Iraqi gentlemen who got very excited about it, then very puzzled. They
saw ancient Chaldean letters, but they weren't right. Close, but too far
away to be readable. I guess that's the intriguing part about the VMS. It
looks easy, and it starts being everything to everyone... and we are no
closer to solving the riddle. Try various encryption theories and someone
gets excited, then disappointed. I'm just glad that there are a few people
around for the long haul. I will continue to work on the text by treating it
as a simple cipher from a Middle Eastern language. But since there are so
many languages it will take time. Something that I seem to be quite short of
these days.


P.S. If I solve it, keep the pizza and buy the book! Your name will be all
over the first couple of chapters :)

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