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Re: VMs: Arabic

Quoting CanBooks <canbooks@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Isn't the VMS interesting. You see Europe, I see Middle East. You see
> European hats, I see turbans (E.g.; F71 r & v). You see European plants and
> text, I see Middle Eastern plants and text. I showed the VMS to several very
> old Iraqi gentlemen who got very excited about it, then very puzzled. They
> saw ancient Chaldean letters, but they weren't right. Close, but too far
> away to be readable. I guess that's the intriguing part about the VMS. It
> looks easy, and it starts being everything to everyone... and we are no
> closer to solving the riddle. Try various encryption theories and someone
> gets excited, then disappointed. I'm just glad that there are a few people
> around for the long haul. I will continue to work on the text by treating it
> as a simple cipher from a Middle Eastern language. But since there are so
> many languages it will take time. Something that I seem to be quite short of
> these days.

The ~riddle~ is "simpler than you think" :-) per:ES:
My only guess on ES "TTT" Folding Key is that s/he knew I would be persistant 
and sluff off criticism till death do I part vms..
It's all archieved here & I'm still waiting for an "Indian" to join the list?
Max TTT folding KEY(s) (masterkey page) should _not_ exceed 8x8 in 8 sections: 
use the vms characters as "pointers" to those grids(key).

remember this was done a L O N G time ago (Older than you think!: ES)

well back under my rock (again) lol
~shhhh steve they almost have it now - let them have TIME to think!~

best of 2004 to everyone here
steve (Fold & FLIP IT on c_gallows_c/gallows) ekwall :-))
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