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Re: VMs: French Website

Ted Young wrote:

I also wonder if the VMS is dated before 771 AD when Dwbnt introduced the
concept of the zero to mathematics. Before that, numbers were written using
letters, such as CCXXIII. This would account for "words" in the VMS that use
multiple letters.

I have seen roman numeral style numbers mentioned a bunch of times, but has anyone considered ancient Hebrew style numbers? Each letter of the alphabet represented a number... best to show by example:

a 1
b 2
c 3
d 4
e 5
f 6
g 7
h 8
i 9
j 10
k 20
l 30
m 40
n 50
o 60
p 70
q 80
r 90
s 100
t 200

So, 256 would have been written: tnf.  Normally these types of numbers were
prefixed with a Number Sign.  Maybe <qo>?  They key thing is, this would
produce different character arrangements then Roman numerals.

It shouldn't be hard to see if the statistics for words that begin with that letter would be somewhat at variance.

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