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Re: VMs: The Sun, The Moon and The Stars

Hello Ted,
indeed, the labels throughout the whole VMS are very strange. I have  made
the same observation on examining the labels of the days in the zodiac  
They all seem to be build after a certain pattern, but there is no system  
Any day has a separate name, as far as I have seen and there is nothing  like
a match to day numbers, seasons, days of week or anything else, that  would
form a regular pattern. I almost suppose, that the labels do have no  meaning
at all and are just arbitrarily chosen in a manner, seriously exerted to  
multiple use of any word. I would do this the same way: First you choose  some
words arbitrarily, then you alter it by changing simple chars or mixing  
as to simulate a system behind and then, just for not giving the  impression 
beeing too uninspired, choosing some new words for a little change.  
that, the labels looks very constructed.
And yes: I have seen multiple repetitions of a word too often also. It is  
to think of any hand made encryption, that performs like this. On the other  
that contradicts the idea of arbitrary label choice, because why would  
choose labels in a way like this admitting so obvious and  unauthentic 
in the text? It is really a brainteaser. Maybe we should ask a  psychoanalyst 
Why are you thinking, that the sun is male? In Germany it is named  "die 
(female), whereas the moon is called "der Mond" (male). I would never  expect 
the other way round. Isnt there the "man in the moon"? What  evidence is there
in mythology?

Wow, this  manuscript really does tease you.  I decided to sit down tonight
and  compare vocabulary used around pictures of the sun and the moon.   The
idea was that they would have used the words SUN and MOON repeatedly  (in
what ever language it may be in).  But, as you would expect, there  were no
repeating words.  Here is what I worked with in EVA using best  guess

With basic review I could not find any  correlations.  Of course, there are
many encryption and ciphering  schemes that would hide repeated words.

Funny, huh?  One of the  strangest features of this text is repetition of
words up to five  times.  Yet, you cannot find repetition when you want it.

One  thing to note: the sun is personified as a woman, and the moon  is
personified as a man.  What religions considered the sun female and  the moon
male?  Most of the mythology I can remember identifies the  sun as male.

For what it is worth, I also compiled a list of the names  of the stars.  At
first glance, there is nothing to spectacular  here.   Though, when sorted
alphabetically, you notice that many  of them have very similar names.  There
is even an instance of two  stars with the same name on the same page.
So, I really did not come  up with anything.  But, I will post this to the
list in case it gives  someone else an idea, or perhaps someone will see a
pattern I am  missing.

Ted Young