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Re: VMs: The Sun, The Moon and The Stars

KarstenVMS@xxxxxxx wrote:

that, the labels looks very constructed.
And yes: I have seen multiple repetitions of a word too often also. It is difficult,
to think of any hand made encryption, that performs like this. On the other hand,
that contradicts the idea of arbitrary label choice, because why would someone
choose labels in a way like this admitting so obvious and unauthentic repetitions
in the text? It is really a brainteaser.

It seems that the same scrambling process that generates 3 repetitions of a word would also destroy repetitions in the plaintext. However, without a clear word ordering (such as in the case of labels and captions), a word-order based scheme would confuse even the document's intended audience.

It is intimidating to speculate, sensing the weight of previous years of speculation. But I think the key might be to speculate (or assume) the document's intended audience, and work backwards. Were they expected to read this at speed? Very slowly with a word book? And there remains the nagging signficance of the 2 dialects.

I think that this finding here http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~stolfi/voynich/00-12-21-word-length-distr/ indicates the furthest advance so far.

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