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Re: VMs: Voynechese as musical notation

	Hi, Pam!  Haven't seen you in a while.  

	I remember hearing of such an approach to analyzing
data a long time ago, for chemistry data.  One of my
colleagues said at the time that statistical software
would work better for seeing relationships.  It does
seem like an interesting idea, though, if anyone could
set it up.  Are any of our newcomers up to it?  

	I'm not sure that Ethel Voynich was a musician.  There
is an orchestral suite by Shostakovich for a ballet
based on "The Gadfly".  This sometimes comes up on an
Internet search on "voynich".  

	... I'd like to call our newcomers' attention to Pam
Wilson's excellent Voynich page.  She has an excellent
list of Voynich images on the Net, with Jim Reeds notes
and Dana Scott's plant identifications.  It's a superb
resource!  Kudos to Pam!  I'd like to see it for all
folios in the VMs, with at least Jim Reeds' notes for
each one.

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