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VMs: Fw: Ethel Voynich

Below is information received while researching Ethel Lilian Voynich. Note that she attended K. and K. Hochschule der Musik in Berlin and that she taught polyphony at Pius X in New York (Long Island?) after which I believe she went to teach at Manhattanville College.
Dana Scott
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Hi, Dana-
Forwarding on to you some info you might find useful.
Mary Ann

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Hi Mary Ann --

Rhonna forwarded your question about Ethel Voynich to me.

There is limited but very interesting information about her in the archives.  One file contains two questionnaires addressed to faculty.  In one, dated February 1938, EV states that she has taught at the Pius X school for four years.  She lists polyphony courses she has taught and that she gives private lessons.  She also says that her only degree is from the K. and K. Hochschule der Musik in Berlin, from which she graduated in 1885 with a specialization in piano.  She also lists her musical compositions.

There is also an undated newspaper clipping from the late 1950s, I would guess, about EV's recent and unanticipated success in the Soviet Union with a novel she wrote called "The Gadfly," first published in 1897.  It further describes EV as an Englishwoman who married a Polish revolutionist but whose chief interest is now the composition of religious music.  According to the article, she was then 92 years old.

Quite a life!  Let me know if you would like photocopies of these.


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