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VMs: An Observation About Letter Values

I couldn't paste the attached text file into the body
of this email without having to do a lot of reformatting.

Robert Teague

"Okay, that's it. I'm calling the Mother Ship."
I've wandered into an area where I really have no business, 
but I'm going to throw caution to the wind and reveal my 
findings anyway. You can laugh afterwards. : )

I've collected all the instances I could find where someone
has analyzed the VMs for vowels and consonants, and charted
them against my alphabet arrangement (except for Stojko).
I've also left out Perakh's number identifications, since
I'm pretty sure I have them identified.

Where a letter has both identifications, but one outnumbers
the other, it is listed as "pX" for "probable X". Evenly
divided values are left as undefined, as are letters with
no identification.

V=vowel, C=consonant, N=number, and U=undefined

Letter	Stolfi	Perakh	Reeds	Sukhotin 	Value

f	C	U				C
p	C	U				C
cFh	C	U				C
cPh	C	C				C
o	V	C	V	V		V
q	V	V				V
v						U
x						U
r	V	C				U
ir		C				C
iir		U				U
iiir						U
y	V	V	V	V		V
s	V	V		V		V
b						U
u						U
e	C	V	V	V		pV
ee				V		V
ch	C	C	C	C		C
sh	C	C				C
l	V	V	V			V
il						U
iil		C				C
iiil		U				V
k	C	V				V
t	C					C
cKh	C	U				U
cTh	C	C				C
d	V	V	C			pV
a	V	C	V	V		pV
j	V					V
g				V		V
m	V	C				U
im						U
iim		C				C
iiim						U
n	V					V
in		U				U
iin		C				C
iiin		U				U

30% consonants
32.5% vowels
37.5% undefined

In the Sukhotin analysis using EVA, eight letters
were defined as vowels. Some of the values from 
the alphabet table on f1r match-- to wit:

EVA	o, c, a, y, n, e, s, g
f1r 		 o,	  a, y

Any ideas on what language this could be?