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VMs: Re: An Observation About Letter Values

I don't get it. How do you analyze a document for vowels. If you are
assuming that it is a European, or even Renaissance language, perhaps, but
other languages use other constructions. So the analysis is great if you are
assuming the root language was Italian, German etc. This is all based on the
fact that the drawings appear to be European. However, one must remember
that many ancient books were written about OTHER civilizations. People
already knew their own knowledge, so writers usually wrote about others.
Many of the ancient Roman historians actually wrote very little about Rome,
and spent most of their time writing about the fascinating people on their
borders, and how the glorious army was defeating them. Much of what we know
about ancient Arabia comes from Roman historians, not Arab ones. Thus, this
book may be about European thoughts, but written in another language. Just
my thoughts

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