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VMs: Crypto books online - Gratheus entropy

The webpage for Aloys Meister's book on Vatican crypto has moved here:

There is still a temporary (and probably faster) mirror here:

I've removed the temporary mirror for the Tranchedino pages. It took up 30
of my 50 Megabytes.
Now they can be found here, together with the other crypto literature:
http://uair01.xs4all.nl .
That's my home PC, so it is not available 7*24, but I do my best :-)

I've put the OCR scan of Gratheus text here:

And I've used "Monkey" to calculate the entropy, with and without spaces:

h0   4.75   4.70
h1   3.91   3.93
h2   3.01   3.28

This is comparable with the english version of the King James Bible, so no
surprises here. Rhyming alchemistic texts in medieval Dutch seem to have the
same entropy as normal language.

See: http://www.geocities.com/ctesibos/voynich/mbpaper.htm

Greetings, Petr

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