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Re: VMs: digital imaging project

Robert Teague wrote:
Jim Gillogly wrote:

Ah, yes -- we're on different wavelengths.  The previous negotiations
had been worked out so that we would pay for Luna to do a very
high-resolution color scan of the VMs, to the point where we could
see anything visual that needed to be seen in normal visible light,
and that those digital scans would be available to any researcher
to put up on web pages or anything else.  Mark Perakh had an anonymous
donor who was willing to bankroll a good chunk of the effort.  We
thought we had a deal, but as I said before, things on their end got
in the way of actually starting the work, and it hasn't happened.

Well, where do we go from here, then? I don't know anything about imaging companies (my wife is the photographer in the family).

For the digital imaging project, I think we wait until we have a volunteer who has good academic or professional credentials to show the Beinecke Library and preferably who is local enough to meet with them face-to-face. My preference is for carefully and accurately digitized information, and for this we'd need to know whom the Beinecke would authorize to do the work. I see from Luna Imaging's web page that the Beinecke is one of their clients. (http://www.lunaimaging.com/community/clients.html) so I assume they are one choice if they can be reinvigorated on the project.

Dennis suggests that Octavo would be another good choice -- they
list a number of partners at http://octavo.com/octavo/partners/index.html
but the Beinecke is not on that page.  Still, they do good work and
it's worth asking Beinecke whether they would be acceptable -- would
it make sense to approach Octavo again before asking Beinecke?  I certainly
wouldn't mind having two suppliers that we could compare before paying.

Dana suggests hitting the Beinecke Reprographics Services up for a
digital copy of a single folio to see how that would work.  If someone
would like to do that I'm all for it.  Would f1r be the best one to
start with?  We've been discussing several features that might well
benefit from closer study than we've been able to give them.  Other
candidates for a single folio?

I know we've had list members in the area and at Yale, but I'm not
sure how their time constraints and interests would work with this

Ideally I'd like to see lots of views of some pages at different
wavelengths and so on, but for now I'm not *too* greedy.
	Jim Gillogly

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