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Re: VMs: Re: Jim Reeds is now out of the loop on the imaging project

Jim Gillogly wrote:

> Ah, yes -- we're on different wavelengths.  The previous negotiations
> had been worked out so that we would pay for Luna to do a very
> high-resolution color scan of the VMs, to the point where we could
> see anything visual that needed to be seen in normal visible light,
> and that those digital scans would be available to any researcher
> to put up on web pages or anything else.  Mark Perakh had an anonymous
> donor who was willing to bankroll a good chunk of the effort.  We
> thought we had a deal, but as I said before, things on their end got
> in the way of actually starting the work, and it hasn't happened.

Well, where do we go from here, then? I don't know anything
about imaging companies (my wife is the photographer in the family).

> The color slides are interesting and potentially useful, but for me
> personally it ain't real if it ain't digital.

I see your point, but at this instant, I'm willing to take what I can get.


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