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VMs: Re: Jim Reeds is now out of the loop on the imaging project

> >>> I'm willing to call the library, and get the
> >>> pertinent information. And under
> >>> the "if you bring it up, you've volunteered" rule, I
> >>> suppose I'll have to
> >>> do the coordinating...   : )
> That works for me.  Any objections?  As Jim noted, we'll probably
> need to revisit the whole funding issue.  As I told him, I'll pledge
> $1000 toward the project.

I can scrape together a couple hundred dollars, if given enough
lead time.

But I think I've misunderstood something-- I thought the library
already had color slides of the folios, and I could get a catalog
of them. After all, the Sky and Telescope article showed that
color pictures of the astrological section exist.


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