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Re: VMs: Research Note: "1708" Update

> I can (just about) see the "1708" Robert's talking about: I'd also add
> the "7" appears to have a horizontal bar struck through it (ie, it's
> appears to be a "continental 7"). Though (because it's inverted) written
> white?

I thought that maybe they used a sharp object on the vellum, rather than
a pen (assuming it's real).

> I'd also caution that this is right at (or possibly just beyond) the
> of perception. At this resolution (1089 x 1349), there really aren't that
> many dots making up these numerals, and the danger of this being (say)
> kind of JPEG artefact is quite high.

I agree, but I'm hoping not. I did some more searching of that area of the
folio, but found nothing else. As I said, I put the "o" in the alphabet
next to the "0" and found they were very close to the same size, if not

> My guesses are (a) that a lot of the claimed detail would disappear in a
> higher resolution (and non-compressed) scan; and (b) that there is
> some kind of subtle design on the top right corner of f1r which we can
> barely make out ATM (ie, can you see the three parallel diagonal lines?)
> which might help explain this kind of detail.

The part of the design where the number is looks like a flamingo's head
to me.


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