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VMs: Note for Jeff (No, not the translation you're looking for)


Purely on the outside chance you may find it useful, here
is something I've found:

First, my layout for the VMs alphabet (in EVA):

f    p    cFh    cPh
o    q    x        v
r    ir    iir    iiir
y    s    b    u
e    ee    ch    sh
l    il    iil    iiil
k    t    cKh    cTh
d    a    j    g
m    im    iim    iiim
n    in    iin    iiin

Here is Phillip Neal's vertical letter sequence, in order:

X    X    X    X
2    1    X    X
9    X    X    X
X    X    X    X
6    X    X    5
3    X    X    X
4    X    X    X
7    8    X    X
X    X    X    X

Note the odd pattern-- each two letters together, but the
last two or next two not adjacent.

And here are all of the letters involved with the substitutions:

S    S    X    X
S    S    X    X
S    X    X    X
X    S    X    X
S    S    S    S
S    X    X    X
S    S    X    X    
S    S    X    X
X    X    X    X
X    X    X    X

Just 15 out of 40.  And note the near-perfect pattern.

Not being very knowledgable in languages or codes, 
I've no idea what this means, if indeed it means anything.
But I thought I should pass it along.


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