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VMs: Re: Re: Jim Reeds is now out of the loop on the imaging project

Hmm. While there may be color slides of certain folios that have been made on an individual basis, you made need to make a special request from Beinecke to provide individual copies in color at considerable expense. Beinecke has certainly made digital copies as displayed at their Digial website, but notice that these copies come with a watermark. I gather that Jim Reeds has a collection of color slides relating to the VMS, though I do not know how they were obtained.
Dana Scott
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Sent: Friday, January 02, 2004 10:54 PM
Subject: VMs: Re: Jim Reeds is now out of the loop on the imaging project

> >>> I'm willing to call the library, and get the
> >>> pertinent information. And under
> >>> the "if you bring it up, you've volunteered" rule, I
> >>> suppose I'll have to
> >>> do the coordinating...   : )
> That works for me.  Any objections?  As Jim noted, we'll probably
> need to revisit the whole funding issue.  As I told him, I'll pledge
> $1000 toward the project.

I can scrape together a couple hundred dollars, if given enough
lead time.

But I think I've misunderstood something-- I thought the library
already had color slides of the folios, and I could get a catalog
of them. After all, the Sky and Telescope article showed that
color pictures of the astrological section exist.


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