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VMs: Research Note: f67r2

Using Starry Night, I've followed the Moon in waxing gibbous
phase over the course of 1583, looking for conjunctions with
planets or bright stars. The date comes from the February
section, where it is the last word of the upper two lines.

Here are the results:

[Note: "*" means a word behind the Moon. "R" or "Y" indicates
the color of the moon.]

Jan 5     Y               Aldebaran
Feb* 4  R   Mars    Castor/Pollux
Mar 4   Y
Apr* 3  R              Regulus
May 3   Y              Spica
Jun* 6   R
Jul*  2   Y              Antares
Aug* 1  Y
Sep* 30 R   Jupiter/Saturn
Oct 30   R
Nov 29  Y             Aldebaran  (lunar eclipse--red moon)
Dec* 29 R             Castor/Pollux


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