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VMs: Research Note: f67r2

Going with Larry's suggestion that the top of the circle is
the beginning, I designated that as January, and went
from there.

Here are the bright stars the Moon passed near during
the year 1583 while in a waxing gibbous phase (the * 
means a word behind the moon on the folio):

Jan 5*     Aldebaran
Feb                                     Mars
Mar 6*    Regulus
Apr 6*    Spica
May 5*    Zubenelgenubi
Jun 5*    Antares
Sep 3*                                Jupiter/Saturn
Oct 4       Hamal
Nov 2*    Aldebaran

So the fit is quite a bit closer, but still not perfect. 


"If you don't care where you are, you're not lost."

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