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Re: VMs: Research Note: f67r2

--- Robert Teague <rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Going with Larry's suggestion that the top of the
> circle is
> the beginning, I designated that as January, and
> went from there.

In a number of circular illustrations, the 
starting point looks more like 10:30. Of course,
we don't know if this is consistently used.
Also, there's the start mark at 09:00 in the 
inner circle. 
This is both good and bad: it gives less hold
on the picture, but more options to find a match
of anything.
Note that old zodiac illustrations are equally
inconsistent in this area, even in the direction
(clockwise or anticlockwise).

> Jan 5*     Aldebaran
> Feb                                     Mars
> Mar 6*    Regulus
> Apr 6*    Spica
> May 5*    Zubenelgenubi
> Jun 5*    Antares
> Jul
> Aug
> Sep 3*                                Jupiter/Saturn
> Oct 4       Hamal
> Nov 2*    Aldebaran
> Dec

Whether Zubenelgenubi or Hamal are bright is
quite arguable. OTOH they are important stars
of the zodiac constellations...

Relevant, also, is the handling of the calendar.
Is this pre- or post- Gregorian reform?


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