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Re: VMs: John Dee

hi mark & all :-)

Thanks Mark, but.....

well w h a t e v e r ES was (couldn't note male/female here) it was so
adiment that one could aliken it to 1000x a best sexual orgasm in
inward feelings (20+ minutes in duration/per second),(I'm here to tell
you WILL NOT forgot that one!!). ------------ If it's "guidance", you
better listen: as THAT (ES) POWER SAID IT WAS GOOD FOR ALL! (& The
TIME WAS NOW!!!) albeit ( I'll _not_ be able to READ it) just DECODE

*IF* that's a ""Psychic questor" medium" (and tickling was the
approach here (ha.haa)) ~it was funny _NOT_!~. 

i do NOT BELONG in this GROUP - but appear to have been chosen (ES 1
of 12) sigh) VMS WILL NOT GO AWAY... i can only assume as I can
"physically & mentally" handle the task of safe combo manipulations
(tedious to be sure), to maintain the patience of Biblical Job here..

 Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 21:58:14 -0000
 From: Mark Parry <mark-parry@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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 Subject: Re: VMs: John Dee
 Coming in a bit from the right field on this one.
 My first introduction to Dr John Dee was when reading a book by Andrew
 Collins who is a "psychic questor".
 He used mediums to contact spirits to locate hidden treasure.
 One of these mediums was contacted by the spirit of Dr John Dee.
 Maybe this is where Steve's guidance is coming from.
 You can find out more about Andrew Collins here:
 Unfortunately his early books are now largely out of print.
 The sword and the stone
 The black alchemist
 The seventh sword
 are a few
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 From: "steve ekwall" <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>
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 Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2003 9:02 AM
 Subject: Re: VMs: John Dee
 > hi jeff : - )  & all :-)
 > tables *yes*, symbols *yes*, ~morphing?~ just FLIP IT (rotate 180) on
 > (&SEE/pointing from) the preceding "GALLOWS"!!!!!!
 > maybe john dee was ~touched also~ , (_another_ 1 of 12?)
 > not being all that religous (albiet a good guy here :-), there IS
 > a
 > symbious's of connection(s).
 > my harping and determination on an ~olde theme~ (folding) here may be
 > _a_ 1 of the 12th's one clue(s)?, but trashed by the others.
 > "WE" want to tell the whole world, but only those in _proper pursuit.
 > -------
 > Quote:
 > " HERE the volgar eye will see nothing but obsucurity & will despair
 > considerably " - john dee
 > -------
 > best to you & yours;
 > -=se=-
 > steve (FOLD IT!) ekwall

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