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Re: VMs: Re: VMs- geography - and does "dar" mean something in Russian?

Mart Vabar wrote:

the columns are:
(Name;  LatitudeN; LongitudeE; Altitude meters; Altitude foot)
The map will arise, if (some script) puts these coordinates on the map.

In today's Russia, bigger places beginning with "Dar" : (I tested the Dar-stuff also for Afghanistan . and the list was too long to post it directly here)

Dar'inka 53N 36E 223 731
>> ...


I don't mean to burst anybody's bubble, but IIRC the meter was invented around the time of the French revolution, and the idea of putting the 0 meridian to Greenwich only arose after the erection of the observatory there, and was disputed for quite some time -- so I'd be most surprised to find any of this numbers in the VM except due to pure coincidence.

Besides, I guess nobody would have had a good means to measure elevations with the necessary precision.

So, if we found a table like that in the VM, that would point either to a very late production date, or to medieval knowledge beyond our ideas...


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