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Re: VMs: A Comment on f67r2 - degrees?

Larry Roux wrote:

I have been looking at this page and am convinced that the outer ring is a set of degrees.

This looks plausible and is very interesting if true. I have often thought that some of these star circle diagrams look like the designs on an astrolable.

I will try to show this with limited graphic capabilities without including bitmaps of the numbers:

The start is the top, center with
|- -| |- -| = 00
next is
|- -| |oooo| |- -| = 030
|- -||oooooooo| |- -| = 090

this goes around till the last circle
|- -| |oooo| |oooooooo| |- -| = 0360

If anyone can confirm this with a better copy of the page I would appreciate it.

There are two different images of this page out there: one of the Beinecke colour images which
unfortunately cuts off part of the rim, and the corresponding no-ip image which is rougher but shows the whole page. Between them you can see most of the markings. I tried to combine the two into a single transcription this morning but it is a tremendously fiddly task.

Philip Neal

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