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Re: VMs: Voynechese as musical notation

Hi Suzy,

At 13:49 11/01/2004 -0500, Suzy Bjerke wrote:
OK, guys, UNCLE. I have given up on the VMS as musical notation.

elovgt wrote: there is certainly a way to turn the VM into a symphony.

So I may do this in the distant future. Or maybe an oratorio when you all find a translation and I can use it for the words. And, YES, let's use the pictures for a rock opera!

Just to depress you further, someone has (as with everything to do with the VMs) already done this before - in this case Hanspeter Kyburz and his orchestral work "The Voynich Cipher Manuscript". And yes, he appears to have used the VMs transcription to drive his composition. :-o


Allegedly evocative and haunting - and not so much "G G G Eb" as "q o t e e d y". :-)

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....

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