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Re: VMs: Re: What if Alberti wasn't so smart...?

PK#01 wrote:

> 4) We know a lot about crypto in Italy, England and France in the period
> 1400 -1600. But what is known abou the state of crypto in Bohemia, Poland,
> Russia, Hungary etc? I have found no sources yet.

Some time ago I posted some info on Russian/cyrillic cryptography.
And one doesn't really need to code Hungarian because nobody
understands it anyway :-)  (poor lingustic joke).

Concerning Bohemia, about a year (or more?) ago I found 
an on-line version of a paleography reader ("paleograficka
citanka") which also had a printed version. One of the documents
struck me as somehow reminiscent of the VMS. There was no
transcription on-line so I contacted one of the authors 
who kindly sent me a copy of the transcribed text (so I have
a different experience with Czech scholars than you!).
I should have posted it earlier - but somehow forgot.
And now I can't find the plain text - but here it anyway.


It is a letter written by a Czech noble lady in 1663.
The quality of the picture is very poor because the original
site had it in low quality DjVu format which I converted to JPG.
But I wonder what others' impression would be...

Best regards,

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