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Re: VMs: Voynechese as musical notation

	FWIW.  Someone did compose a piece of music of some
sort on the VMs. I've seen references to it on the Net,
and I think Rene mentioned it once. ISTR it really had
little to do with the real VMs - rather like the
computer game I recently found.

	A rock opera sounds good.  I always thought the
pictures might win it a New Age market.  Really.  Think
about it.  The cosmological/ astrological folios are
new astrology, the herbal folios are novel herbalism,
the nymphs are Goddess worship, and the recipe folios
can be whatever esoteric knowledge you like!  Maybe we
can market our digital imaging project that way, and
convince a New Age publisher to underwrite it.  


Dennis C B C
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