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Re: VMs: Re: What if Alberti wasn't so smart...?

PK#01 wrote:
> 7) There is an exhibition about the "mad artists" Prinzhorn Collection in
> Ghent. http://www.museumdrguislain.be/nl/agenda/agendadetail.asp?AgendaID=39
> I've seen a few reproductions in the newspapers and they had a VMS "look and
> feel". I'll try to get the catalogue.

	"Outsider art".  One of my favorite VMs analogues.  I
ran the Dutch->English translation on
www.freetranslation.com and I get:

> The Museum Dr. Guislain has particularly been pleased Secret writing to present.
>                        For the first time is in Flanders an extensive selection of the Prinzhorn-collection
>                        to see. Much of the works its in ?psychiatrische gestichten? in the beginning of the
>                        twentieth century made. Sums permitted often clandestine. Many works show the
>                        need till the make of an own system, an own calendar, an own view on the world. It
>                        is ?Geheim schrift?. The fascination is immediately and in many cases surprising.

...  so yes, this does look interesting.  

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